Community mediation in Liberia: Ebola, child welfare and building trust

By: John Kamma, Executive Director of the Citizens Bureau and Accountability Lab Accountapreneur. The blog post was originally published by the Innovating Justice Forum.

In late July last year, my organization, the Citizens Bureau for Development and Productivity (Citizens Bureau) formally launched a community mediation program in Logan Town, Monrovia. With technical support from the Accountability Lab (a local NGO) and seed-funding from Trust Africa (a pan-African grantmaker) we had very high hopes. Packed in a hot, unlighted church for the launch event were civil society representatives, government officials, and personnel of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

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The Politics Of The Common Man In India

India Politics

By: Blair Glencorse, Accountability Lab’s Executive Director, and Dipanwita Das, the Accountability Lab‘s Ambassador in India and Founder and Director of Das Social Strategies.

On the 26th of January 2015, we lost the Common Man. R K Laxman, who, for decades, had provided us with a satirical take on the Indian democratic process. He took with him the ubiquitous ‘common man’, the witness to the growth of democracy in India and often one of the few mediums through which we, the citizens, felt like part of the political process. Within weeks of this devastating loss, the party of the common man or ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ (AAP) came to power in Delhi. Suddenly, the aam aadmi was no longer a picture on paper but a real, active participant in Indian politics. The aam aadmi showed s/he could now shape democracy. As evidenced by Roy R Thomas’s tribute to Laxman, “the change” had begun. Read More…

And the Honesty Oscars go to….

Honesty Oscars_669x451

By: Emily Walker. This blog post was originally published by ONE. Every day in the week leading up to the Academy Awards, February 17th to 21st, ONE and Accountability Lab unveiled a category for our Honesty Oscars 2015, an award that honors not Hollywood films, but the creative work of activists and organizations that fight global corruption. People all over the world voted for their favorites and here are the winners! Read More…

My journey on the tortuous Ebola trail

Brooks Marmon DMBy: Brooks Marmon, Acountability Architect. This blog post was originally published by Daily Maverick.

It’s not easy to assess the degree to which Ebola has impacted on daily – or nightly – life in Liberia, as a person who was stranded, hands tied, outside the country during the outbreak. One thing is clear, however: waiting for an emergency is an unhelpful strategy of crisis prevention.

In early August 2014, I left Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, which was quickly descending into Ebola-induced chaos. Read More…

2015 Honesty Oscars kick-off

Honesty Oscars_669x451

The upcoming Academy Awards (on Sunday, February 22nd) is a time to gather around the television and celebrate the cinematic achievements of the year. We figured it was about time we did the same for the inspiring activists, videos, infographics, technology and songs that are helping to fight global corruption. Read More…

Signaling Around the Post Ebola Recovery in Liberia

Mobile cinema in LiberiaBy: Marvin Tarawally, Winter Resident, Washington DC

Confronted with a finite budget and faced with harsh socio-economic realities, the government of Liberia and its international partners are at a crossroads as the Ebola outbreak is brought under control. Recently, the Liberian government reported that 12 counties (out of an affected 15) have reported zero cases for the past 21 days. The evidence shows that the efforts to combat the deadly Ebola Virus, by both the Liberian government, the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and other partners, have yielded substantial positive results. Read More…

Why Cameras are Not Enough

mike-brown-memorial-nora-rahimian (1)By: Nora Rahimian.

When Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old, unarmed, Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri was not indicted (indict: formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime; not try in a courtroom with jurors, but simply accuse), people got angry. Despite eyewitness testimonies that said Brown was not acting aggressively and had his hands up when he was shot, the case ultimately became a s/he said-s/he said of the police versus the people. Read More…

5 Reasons Why We Can Beat Corruption

WEF blog 011915

Image: A man holds out bolivar notes as he offers to exchange currency at the border between Colombia and Venezuela at Simon Bolivar international bridge in San Antonio in the Venezuelan state of Tachira July 23, 2010. REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins.

By: Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of Accountability Lab. This blog post was originally published by the World Economic Forum.

“We have to do what our parents’ generation did not do…so that when they die, the corruption dies with them,” says Divine Anderson. Anderson is the young director of the Accountability Film School, which empowers Liberians to make documentaries about integrity issues in their communities and show these films to government officials at local video clubs and national film festivals. This helps them raise their voice, increase awareness, and generate demand for reform. Read More…

Latest News from the OpenGov Hub in Nepal

By: Suman Parajuli and Suresh Chand, Accountability Lab Nepal. This blog post was originally published by the OpenGov Hub.

“Whenever an idea pops into my mind, I can talk to people, I can discuss how we can collectively reach goals and, most significantly, I have a group of willing individuals on hand to immediately assist me. I get all these privileges within one building, the same room even.” Pavitra Rana, Coordinator at Open Nepal, reflected recently on the immediacy and positive work environment created by the OpenGov Hub Nepal in Kathmandu. Pavitra continues, “it is always good to have like-minded people around; it fosters hope and collective energy within the workplace.”

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Training Coaches to Give Corruption the Boot

By Hugh James, Accountability Resident, United Kingdom, with reporting by Francis Lansana, Resident, Liberia

2014 bore witness to two divergent faces of World football. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil yielded a wealth of competitive games throughout the competition, with many South American teams reveling in success against established footballing nations and past winners, including Italy and England. Eventual winners Germany embodied a compact, ruthless team, trusting in one another and hungry for success.

In contrast to such unity has been the ever-present FIFA corruption accusations. Read More…