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My experience at the IACC Tech Hub

By: Fayyaz Yaseen, Accountability Lab Pakistan Country Representative. This blog post was originally published by IACC.

In attendance for the Accountability Lab at this year’s International Anti-Corruption Conference, I was struck by the level of innovation present among the attendees. In times gone by, thinking of the word ‘innovation’ conjured images of grey-haired scientists, strenuously working in complex laboratories with huge administrative support. Today we think more about dynamic and colourful visions of youth – and for me, this vision came to life as I sat amongst youth groups in a joint brainstorming session at the IACC. The ability to cross-pollinate ideas to develop and finalize their respective anti-corruption and good governance projects, epitomized this year’s discussions.

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Powerful Citizen Media to Champion Responsible Governments

Accountability Lab, Monrovia, LiberiaBy: Karolle Rabarison. This blog post was originally published by Media RiseInterview produced by Katie Gach.

I recently sat down with Blair Glencorse, Executive Director of Accountability Lab. The Lab “catalyzes a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world.” As part of this year’s Media Rise festival, Blair will lead a workshop on media’s role in promoting civic engagement, happening at the OpenGov Hub on September 29, 2015 (register).

Media Rise: Last year, Accountability Lab was the Media Rise Pitch Night People’s Choice Award. That contributed to the film school in Liberia where students are making films to educate the public on Ebola. How have things gone since then? Read More…

Accountability Lab is a finalist for the Human Rights Tulip & Innovating Justice Challenge: vote today to help us win!

We believe that accountability is at the heart of human rights and justice, and thus we’re excited to announce that we’re in the running for two major awards in those areas.

tulp-met-blauwe-lucht-vierkantThe Human Rights Tulip is an award of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs for courageous human rights defenders who promote and support human rights in innovative ways. Winners receive a prize of €100.000 and support from Hivos in the further development of their work. The Lab is addressing human rights violations by incubating citizens’ innovative ideas for fighting corruption and building accountability in their communities using Read More…

Ebola goes global: The future of development, accountability, and media empowerment in Liberia

germany_nurse001_16x9By: Brooks Marmon, Accountability Lab Liberia Program Officer. This blog post was originally published by Brookings.

While the Ebola crisis has exerted a significant human cost in Liberia, the unprecedented attention given to the tiny West African country has been a catalyst of local media empowerment. The extent to which this attention can be leveraged for sustainable media development will be a barometer for the ability of the international community to make good on the Ebola opportunity.

(Ir)responsible media & Ebola awareness

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What happens when you get 1,200 anti-corruption activists in a room?

 iaccBy: Blair Glencorse, Executive Director

There was plenty of irony in the fact that Transparency International’s (TI) flagship meeting- the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC)- took place in Malaysia last week during the largest ever protests against corruption in the country’s history. The Prime Minister perhaps sensibly stayed away from the meeting in the end, but Jose Ugaz, the President of TI, certainly wasn’t going to let him get away that easily, asking publicly in the opening session: “Who paid the money and why? Where did it go?” Read More…

With Support From Google Disaster Corps

Google 1One of the most important aspects often not given enough attention after a disaster is how technology can be used to build our capacity to do to good. After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal this year, there was a great need to find creative ways to better provide for those in need and make information more inclusive and accessible. Read More…

Nepal Mobile Citizen Helpdesks August Update

Nepal Helpdesk Progress Infographic

The Mobile Citizen Helpdesks (#quakehelpdesk) are coordinated groups of volunteers who are closing information gaps and building feedback loops in the worst-affected areas of post-earthquake Nepal. The Accountability Lab and Local Interventions Group launched the Helpdesks within 24 hours of the first earthquake on April 25th. Our volunteers immediately began meeting with citizens to gather information, assess needs, and help them solve difficult problems related to the earthquake.  Read More…

Reflecting on Ebola, Trust and Justice in Liberia

11834879_839642229465036_5690264035594748414_oBy: Brooks Marmon, Accountability Architect for Accountability Lab in Monrovia, Liberia.

On August 5, nearly 20 community mediators supported by the Accountability Lab joined representatives from civil society, Liberia’s Ministry of Justice, and the United Nations Mission in Liberia to discuss “Informal Justice Interventions in the Time of Ebola”. The event, convened in partnership with the Hague Institute for Innovating Law (HiiL) with additional support from the Friends of Liberia, served as a dual training and reflection session to chart ways forward on how to meld the best aspects of Liberia’s formal justice system with informal legal procedures to ensure that all Liberians are able to access justice. Read More…

Mobile Film Screenings: A Wide-Reaching Tool for Civic Outreach

2015-07-03 14.39.43By: Meghan Schneider, Accountability Lab Summer Design Resident

Earlier this year students at the Liberia Film Institute (LFI) created a series of documentaries and dramas about the Ebola epidemic that ravaged Liberia. The films covered a range of topics including the stigma survivors face, sexual transmission of the disease, and accusations that emergency workers still have not received proper compensation. These films were first shown in June, when the Accountability Lab and LFI co-sponsored a film festival on the University of Liberia’s Capitol Hill campus in Monrovia. After the showing in Monrovia, LFI began travelling to all of Liberia’s counties to conduct mobile screenings. Read More…

“I have to do what has to be done”: Leslie Lumeh and the Fight for Liberia’s Cultural Heritage

11401527_810450219050904_5758069163864404883_nBy: Brooks Marmon and Jim Tuttle, Accountability Lab in Monrovia, Liberia. This blog post was originally published as an article in Images Magazine, Edition 16.

A Leslie Lumeh has been proclaimed “Liberia’s most celebrated artist” by CNN. A product of Booker Washington Institute, the visual artist has received accolades from wide and afar, with his works presented at exhibitions in Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, South Africa, and the United States. His services are widely in demand by Liberia’s international partners, such as the UNICEF, the US Embassy, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Read More…