A Story of Technology and Civic Engagement

bif_vertical_color_correctBy: Anne Sophie Lambert

Tomorrow Accountability Lab is going to the Business Innovation Factory Summit in Providence, Rhode Island! The theme of this year’s summit is “A Good Story Can Change the World” and it will bring together a diverse group of innovative and passionate people from across the country, as well as 32 featured storytellers. At the Lab, we believe that genuine change requires a strong sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and openness. Thus, we’re excited for this rare opportunity to hear the personal narratives and origin stories that shape what many inspiring individuals do and why they do it. Read More…

Ebola Dispatch from Liberia’s Northwest

West Point Health and Sanitation Office; Photo Credit: Joseph Hong)

West Point Health and Sanitation Office                  (Photo Credit: Joseph Hong)

Francis Lansana, Accountability Resident, Liberia

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Bomi and Grand Cape Mount counties in the Northwest of Liberia. Quarantines were imposed on these counties for much of August in an attempt to combat the spread of Ebola.  The quarantine imposed in the densely populated township of West Point, in the capital, drew considerable media attention, however similar measures have inflicted strain over other parts of the country as well.

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Ebola, Justice, and Liberia’s New Fight

West Point CJTBy: Brooks Marmon, Accountability Lab. This post was originally published by Huffington Post.

In May, I moved to Liberia — a country with which I have close personal ties and with which I became deeply acquainted while researching its history for my Master’s thesis — for a job with the Accountability Lab. I was highly excited. I never imagined the devastating extent to which I would witness firsthand how Liberia’s difficult past shapes the numerous challenges it continues to confront in the present.

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Update on the Situation in Liberia as of September 9, 2014

Community Justice Team in West Point (credit: Morgana Wingard)

Photo credit: Morgana Wingard.

By: Lawrence Yealue, Accountability Lab Liberia Representative and Anne Sophie Lambert, Associate Director.

The current Ebola outbreak is West Africa has now been named the worst in history, and the number of cases in Liberia is rising exponentially, with the WHO predicting thousands more within the next three weeks.

Various stakeholders have begun working together to assess efforts on the ground, and Liberia’s Ministry of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) commissioned the launch of a website where citizens can find up-to-date information on the crisis in Liberia. It provides the latest numbers and news, reporting 376 cases and 228 deaths in Liberia so far this week.

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The Trillion Dollar Scandal

Trillion-Dollar-Scandal-report-cover-EN-221x300Extreme poverty has been halved in 20 years, and could be virtually wiped out by 2030. But progress is at risk because of the biggest heist the world has never heard of: The Trillion Dollar Scandal.

It is often difficult to put numbers on the disastrous effects of corruption, but analysis from the ONE Campaign’s new report shows the world’s poorest countries are deprived of at least $1 trillion each year by criminals and corrupt officials who exploit layers of secrecy to siphon off cash through money laundering, illegal tax evasion and embezzlement. Read More…

Accountability Lab Selected as a Finalist for the SXSW Eco Startup Showcase

Eco2014Logo_24We’re excited to announce that the Accountability Lab was selected, out of a pool of hundreds of applicants from around the world, as a finalist in the Social Impact: Not-for-profit category of SXSW Eco’s Startup Showcase. The Startup Showcase is a rapid-fire, entrepreneurial pitch competition spotlighting early-stage companies offering the most innovative new solutions to the world’s social and environmental challenges. Read More…

Update on the Situation in Liberia as of August 21, 2014

West Point Health and Sanitation Office; Photo Credit: Joseph Hong)

West Point Health and Sanitation Office; Photo Credit: Joseph Hong

By: Francis Egu Lansana and Mitchell Sommers, Accountability Lab Residents in Liberia and Washington DC respectively.

The spread of Ebola continues to undermine stability in Liberia as it faces the most devastating onset of the virus in history. Recently the community of West Point, a neighborhood with which the Lab has worked closely, has become a global flashpoint for the tensions and fear caused by the disease. Read More…

The Cure for Ebola is Accountability

Africa’s Ebola outbreak isn’t just a health care problem. It’s also about a crisis of governance.



By: Blair Glencorse and Brooks Marmon. This article was originally published by Foreign Policy.

There was a tragic irony to the discussions in Washington last week between President Obama and African leaders. The meeting took place even as the Ebola virus was brutally exposing the lack of capacity, antiquated health systems, and dearth of governance in one corner of the continent. The outbreak is gathering pace. Over 1,000 people have now died in West Africa. Hospitals and health clinics are overflowing and anger is rising as dead bodies are being left to rot in the streets. Read More…

The Accountability Lab and Liberia’s ‘Ebola Chalkboard’

Ebola continues to ravage West Africa.  It has had a severe impact on Liberia- one of the Lab’s focus countries- but although it is affecting the implementation of our work, one of our projects has been at the forefront of international press coverage on the crisis.

photo (6)

By: Brooks Marmon, Accountability Architect, Liberia.

Ever wondered what the deal is with the chalkboard that media pieces on the Ebola crisis in West Africa are using with great frequency in pieces such as this one by the BBC?

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Adventure Meets Philanthropy in Nepal This Fall

The village of Kagbeni, Upper Mustang, NepalBy: Anne Sophie Lambert, Associate Director

Tucked away between two giant neighbors, India and China, is the enchanting country of Nepal — home of the world’s tallest mountains and the birthplace of the Buddha. But beyond stunning views of the Himalayas, colorful temples and inexpensive cashmere, is a burgeoning and exciting movement for change. Read More…