Witnessing the Impact of Liberia’s Social Entrepreneurs

By Brooks Marmon, Accountability Architect.

Heading out on the water taxis

Heading out on the water taxis

The Accountability Lab, the Business Start-Up Center- Monrovia, and Barefoot Liberia co-hosted the 5th Social Impact Tour (SIT), showcasing Monrovia’s most innovative social enterprises on June 7. The tour provides participants with a first-hand view of the creative ways that Liberians are rebuilding an economy and society shattered by 14 years of civil war. Read More…

What Can You Learn About Entrepreneurship in Three Days? Plenty

This post was originally published on the Points of Light Blog.

When you bring entrepreneurs together, ideas fly, networks grow and partnerships emerge. We got to see all three happen recently in New York during a three-day gathering of the spring 2014 class of the Points of Light Civic Accelerator.


Through the accelerator – a 12-week boot camp for entrepreneurs of startup ventures that aim to serve the greater good – 14 fledgling enterprises are learning from experienced leaders in various fields, and each other. Here’s a taste of what happened in New York May 19 – 21. Read More…

Accountability as a Collective Action Problem

Our new Summer Resident Stephen Suk outlines why he’s helping the Lab over the next few months.

ImagePhoto by Federico Casello, modified by Stephen Suk.

Last summer only 419,592 votes were cast in the Los Angeles mayoral election – the lowest voter turnout for the city since 1938, and the lowest percentage turnout of registered voters in 100 years. Despite the low turnout, I still have trouble convincing myself that my ballot had much impact on the overall outcome of the elections. What’s one vote amidst four hundred thousand? Read More…

The Lab’s Country Rep for Liberia wins the Social Entrepreneurs Initiative for West Africa

lawrenceYealueFirst published on the Transparency International Blog.

Alexise Ouedraogo, a TV journalist from Cote d’Ivoire, Victor Akinwande, a software developer from Nigeria, and Lawrence Yealue, a technology activist from Liberia have been chosen as the winners of Transparency International’s Social Entrepreneurs Initiative for West Africa competition, Transparency International said today. Read More…

The Lab’s Mid-Year Newsletter- BMW Responsible Leaders’ Award; Accountability Ambassadors; an OpenGov Hub in Nepal and More!

Photo credit: Morgana Wingard

Photo credit: Morgana Wingard

As we produced our first Impact Report earlier this year, we learned that our friends and supporters would like to receive more information about what we do, so we’d like to update you on some of our exciting growth so far this year. A few highlights have been finding Accountability Ambassadors to bring the Lab to 3 new countries, co-hosting the Honesty Oscars, and establishing an OpenGov Hub in Nepal! Read More…

The Accountability Lab Supports Youth Anti-Corruption Efforts in Liberia

By Brooks Marmon (Accountability Architect) and Francis Lansana (Accountability Resident) in Liberia.

unnamedThe Lab’s Accountability Representative in Liberia, Lawrence Yealue, joined a growing network of media practitioners, civil society anti-corruption crusaders, and government officials on May 30 to deliver remarks at the 2nd Edition of the Voices against Corruption Forum hosted by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network – Liberia (GYAC). Lawrence’s participation in the Forum signaled that the Lab’s work is gaining momentum and that we are joined by a diverse array of allies in our efforts. Read More…

A Peek into the Future of Giving- to Support Community Justice in Liberia

Credit: Morgana Wingard

Credit: Morgana Wingard

Starting today, working in partnership with tinyGive, a first-of-its-kind micro-philanthropy platform, we’re excited to launch a $2,000 crowd-funding campaign to support the growth of our Community Justice Teams (CJTs) program. Read More…

We’ve opened an OpenGov Hub in Nepal!

ImageThis post was originally published by the OpenGov Hub.

This week, the OpenGov Hub model has expanded to its first international location—in Kathmandu, Nepal. As the first transparency- and accountability-themed co-working space in South Asia, OpenGov Hub Nepal is bringing together representatives of organizations working in the open data, transparency and accountability field, to build a cohesive community for open government in Nepal—a young democracy that is struggling to establish good governance. The Hub’s founding members are: Accountability Lab, Development GatewayKathmandu Living LabsLocal Interventions Group, and Open Nepal.     Read More…

Social Accountability: What Does the Evidence Really Say?

Accountability Lab:

Useful piece to read on social accountability- tactical and strategic approaches- ahead of the GPSA this week! Thanks to Global Integrity for passing on!

Originally posted on DemocracySpot:

So what does the evidence about citizen engagement say? Particularly in the development world it is common to say that the evidence is “mixed”. It is the type of answer that, even if correct in extremely general terms, does not really help those who are actually designing and implementing citizen engagement reforms.

This is why a new (GPSA-funded) work by Jonathan Fox, “Social Accountability: What does the Evidence Really Say” is a welcome contribution for those working with open government in general and citizen engagement in particular. Rather than a paper, this work is intended as a presentation that summarizes (and disentangles) some of the issues related to citizen engagement.

Before briefly discussing it, some definitional clarification. I am equating “social accountability” with the idea of citizen engagement given Jonathan’s very definition of  social accountability:

“Social accountability strategies try to improve public sector performance by bolstering both citizen…

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Brooks joins the team in Monrovia as an “Accountability Architect”!

headshotThe Lab is excited to announce that Brooks Marmon has joined the team as an Accountability Architect in Liberia! Brooks is passionate about accountability and transparency issues, and the transformative power of education and cultural exchange. Read More…